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Many of us dreams of leaving for an extended cruise around the world. Many couples and families are actually “just doing it”. How did each of them plan for the cruise and achieved their goal? Circumnavigation-world is answering these questions and even more. On this website you can anticipate finding relevant information based on actual facts. From budgeting to equipment review. Circumnavigation-World has it all.

Planning and budgeting a long term cruise or circumnavigation

Sailing the world oceans by sailboat or under power needs preparation and a good understanding of mother nature. It is with this in mind that we approach the information shared on this website.

Finding the right answers

Circumnavigation-World is continuously looking all over the internet, newly published magazines and boat shows for information, updates, new trends, new designs, we are continuously updating outdated information. Navigate our pages, get reliable, up-to date information.

Are you dreaming or actively planning a long-term sailing trip to navigate our beautiful oceans? Here are just a few of the questions you will need answers to;
How long can you go for?

How to plan it properly?

What about work?
Can you bring a pet?

How to fund the trip?

How to budget the trip?

Find answers to these questions, right here on this website.

To our monohull crusing friends

If you’re into monohulls cruising, the information on this website will also be applicable to you, the oceans are the same for everyone, but the focus and budget numbers on this website are geared toward multihulls. We hope you enjoy it too.

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